ISMPH wants to be the reason for someone to smiles, for someone to feels loved and believes in the goodness in people


Engaging the media as a strategic tool to accelerate health care information, create demand and pursue vigorously health rights as human rights.


To Promote and Advance Public Health using the media as an effective tool


  • To mainstream media as a potent tool to accelerate healthcare information and service delivery in Nigeria.
  • To advocate for the provision of equitable health care services for all within an outside Nigeria.
  • To build capacity of media practitioners on information dissemination to report public health issues from the point of knowledge.
  • Create a common forum for the articulation of the views of the civil society organizations and private working on the prevention and impact mitigation of general Health issues in Nigeria.
  • Document, Collate best practices share and disseminate relevant information including International and comparative best practices among civil society organizations and other stakeholders in areas of Health reporting.
  • Create a synergy for public and private mix to accelerate and improve Health care demands and services.
  • Engender, Mobilization at all levels to address appropriate Health messages to reduce mortality.