Solomon Dogo

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Solomon Dogo Has over 19 years’ experience and is seasoned and vast in development work and has been active nationally and internationally in HIV/AIDS Programming, community mobilization, Nutrition etc. Solomon is Senior Project Manager and has overall responsibility for all Project matters.

He underwent much training both nationally and internationally one of which of which is the USAID Administrative and Financial Compliance.  He worked with the team that implemented the Global Funds Round 5 and was part of the team that got the Global Funds Round 9 project, He has also worked as an IP with the United Nations Population Fund project (UNFPA). Solomon’s first degree was in Business Administration and is currently undergoing a Masters in Business Administration. 

Solomon strives to upgrade his skills and competencies through personal studies, mentoring and attendance at workshops, seminars & Conferences.  His areas of competencies are wide, diverse and include:

• Organizational development

• People and Organizational Capacity development

• Strategic and tactical planning